Scheduling your 1-1 Meeting ASAP!

I/Professor Hackett will be meeting with each student in the first month of the semester to discuss what you might do for your final project. This is the beginning of the process of thinking about what is possible and what steps need to be taken during the semester to successfully complete it.

Use this sheet to sign up for a date/time: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RU0kfpMtDktrNNjleXiyvnK0uqYUXOscW1oJV7MB3dQ/edit?usp=sharing

Please bring a one-paragraph-long sketch outlining some of your intentions for your project to this meeting. This might include a general focus or interest, a specific medium or type of project that your interested in and more. See the Final Project description for more suggestions. You might also review the list of topics on our Calendar page.