Assignments & Grading

In-Class Expectations

  1. On-Time Attendance: Being on time most of the time is an important part of life; no less for this class. It is most respectful of the class as a community, and is the first step to being successful in this class. Consistent tardiness will impact your grade.
  2. Reading: Students are expected to come to class prepared to discuss the readings. In addition completing all assigned readings before class, students must bring the readings to class so we can refer to them during our discussion. Printed-out hard copies of readings are ideal. You may also view them on a large-screen device such as laptop or iPad. It is not sufficient to have them available on your cell phone.
  3. In-Class Participation: This class is discussion-based. Each class we will work through the readings and topic together. Participating in class both helps ensure you understand the material, and is an important contribution that enriches the understanding of other students, and our shared discussion.


Submit assignment.

Two Critical Thinking Papers: These short papers ask students to use course readings to analyze a particular movement or feature of a movement or compare across movements. There are 7 topics students can choose from. These may expand as the class proceeds. Students can also suggest topics that more closely match their interests. Read more here.

Final Project & Presentation: Final projects are open and largely to be self-determined by the student or a group of students based on their interests. These could take the form of a more traditional research paper, a public education project, a political art piece with an accompanying project statement, a #Activism campaign and critical reflection, and more. In supporting students, I will meet at least once with each student in the beginning of the semester, and I have created a series of steps to help pace the development of the projects. Read more here.

See assignment rubrics here.

Extra Credit Opportunities:

There is no extra credit for this class. Instead, students should focus on the work outlined herein, and complete it to the best of their ability.

Grading Breakdown

1) Preparedness for Class & Participation – 40%

  • On-Time Attendance
  • Have readings available to you in class
  • Participate in class discussion

2) 2 Short Analytic Papers – 25 %

3) Final Project & Presentation – 35 %