Final Projects

All students developed their final projects over the course of the semester, starting with an exploratory free write on the first day of class where they explored their interests in the class and urban social movements more broadly. What moved them to take this class? What were they excited about? What did they want to know more about? This idea was further developed through different various stages over the following months. First, they met with me at least once to discuss their ideas and get feedback. Second, they submitted an abstract for their final project and list of references. Finally they submitted a proper project proposal with an annotated bibliography and a workplan showing that they could accomplish what they set out to do.

From there, students completed either a traditional research paper, or created a digital project around their selected topic of interest. Those who completed traditional research papers, typically did so because they wanted a “private” space to explore their ideas and develop their understanding. Those who completed digital projects did so because they wanted to share what they had learned (or were learning about) with a broader audience than just me, and in some cases, these projects tied into other work the student did as an intern or student leader.

>> See our final project description page for more on this process >>

The digital projects are shared below. Please explore with the understanding that we are all in the middle of our explorations of all things, and that sharing what you think you know is an act of bravery.  The “White Papers” offer more context for their projects and how and why they were developed.


Change for Future Generations.
By Avigail Castro
White Paper

Student Debt Crisis
By Dan Adamo
White Paper

Equal Pay for All Women: Understanding Racial & Income Inequalities Among Women
By Alexa Ponceano
White Paper

Invi(s/nc)ible Youth: Foster Care Youth and the Lack of Attention they receive
By Anxhela Karnai

Be Human: Love Your Mind
By Michelle Garzon
White Paper

Lakas Ng Tao
By Jillian-Mae Prego
White Paper

The Evolution of Feminism
By Mohammed Issa and Tariq Houri

Abortion/Why Women Should Have A Choice
By Zaakirah Earl
White Paper